International Journal of Science and Technology (ISSN 2252-5297)
IEESE Institute of Excellent Engineer Science


Volume 3 [3] September 2014

  1. Synthesis and Characterization of a New Al3+-Selective Probe Based on Benzoyl Hydrazine Derivative Fa Dai1, Fan Liu1, Qing Luo1, Chunwei Yu1*and Qionglian Huang1,2* (1Laboratory of Environmental Monitoring, School of Tropical and Laboratory Medicine, Hainan Medical University, Haikou, 571199, China, E-mail:, 2 Department of Clinical Laboratory, Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical University, Haikou, 571199, China, E-mail:
  2. A Mathematical Model For Interaction Macrophages, T Lymphocytes and Cytokines at Infection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis with Age Influence Usman Pagalay1, Marjono2, Kusworini Handono3  (1 Faculty of  Science and Technology, Islamic State University of Malang Indonesia 2 Faculty of  Science, Brawijaya University of Malang Indonesia 3 Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University of Malang Indonesia Malang, East Java, Indonesia)
  3. Chemistry Changes in Minimally Process Snake Fruit Variety  Pondoh during Storage in Room Temperature which Coating Used Edible Coating from Starch of Jackfruit Seed Budi Santosa 1, Wirawan 2 (1.2 Agriculture of Faculty Tribhuwana Tunggadewi University, Telaga Warna Street Block C Malang, East Java,Indonesia)

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